Blip 5000+ (3 Packs)

  • £15.00

The first of its kind on the market, Blip is changing the landscape of vaping. It’s an ultra sleek, disposable device that’s refillable and rechargeable, lasting ten times longer than your average disposable vape. There’s no messy mechanism or expertise required, making it perfect for new vapers. The epitome of convenience and simplicity.

Blip offers vapers at least a whopping 5000 puffs instead of the 500 you’d typically get with a disposable vape. Once the coil runs out, you can dispose of it like an ordinary disposable device. It’s refillable so you can top it up with your favourite e-liquid as and when you please. Due to the simple, refined style of the device, you don’t need to worry about coils or settings- just drip it straight into the top and you’re ready to go. Unlike other vape devices, Blip’s unique design means there’s no leakage, making it perfect for on the go.

The flavour options to choose from are endless, as well as more intense than a typical disposable vape, meaning you get more out of every puff. Produced and tested in state-of-the-art labs around Europe to exacting standards of quality and safety, we’re here to set the industry standard because we believe e-liquid safety and quality is uncompromisable. By focusing heavily on quality control, we consider the standard of our liquids “premium”, so they can be vaped with pure confidence.