The Boropad MTL by Velvet Vape and Atmizoo

  • £18.00

The Boropad MTL is the most advanced application you can find around, in order to drastically minimise any condensations at the back and lower section of your Boro tank, plus at the same time dial in your air flow.

A custom silicon foodgrade plug seals off the air path from the boro nest, not allowing condensations to circulate unhindered. Unlike other plugs out there, the use of silicon ensures proper sealing function and takes one step further from filling the empty space at the bottom of the Boro with a rigid part (plastic, 3D printed or anything similar).

Its sealing function is supported by the absorbent pad (highly absorbent semi-synthetic fabric custom made pad), which absorbs any condensations piling up inside the air channel.

Small plastic inserts are conveniently placed inside a properly designed nest, dialling in your air flow in the most accurate way. In the case of Boropad MTL, you can swap among four different inserts, that are drilled through to provide air flow holes with diameter 1.0mm , 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 1.8mm ,engraved on their top side ,for an optimal MTL experience.

The Boropad MTL is compatible with the Billet Box and any Boro compatible AIO device *with similar air flow intake* (side ways).

Wish there was some open airflow inserts?Check out the Boropad.

Implemented by Atmizone on behalf of Velvet Vape.