RNB Billet Box Rev4 2020 By Billet Box Vapor

  • £290.00

Bead Blasted and Bright Dip Anodized. The Billet Box is the first Vape to incorporate massive battery power and all electronics internalized into one dead sexy little unit. The end result is a dependable, sleek , solid, obscenely well crafted USA made vaporizer that needs very little attention to maintain.


• RNB Billet Box with Black Button - 60 watt

• Top nut 

• OCC Coil Adapter

• Replacement O-Rings

  • 5.5ml drip tip case


• One 18650 IMR Cell, Non-Protected.

• OCC coil OR any other adapter, coil or rba system for the Billet Box, there are loads

• E-Liquid