humble pie lemon tart 50ml short fill free nic shot

Lemon Tart by Humble Pie

  • £15.00

Humble Pie is a celebration of all things sweet and pudding, and when it comes to dessert vapes there is perhaps one flavour profile that stands out above the rest. After it shot to the vape hall of fame in the last few years, we couldn't release Humble Pie without presenting our twist on the classic Lemon Tart! We poured all of our craft into the two main components of this flavour, but made them deeper and intertwining with one another. The crumbly, biscuit pastry notes wrap around creamy, light lemon curd filling to create a short fill e-liquid that will give any Lemon Tart flavour a run for its money.

Lemon Tart is supplied in a short filled 60ml bottle with space to add your required number of nicotine shots.






Lemon Curd


50ml bottle (60ml w/ nic shot)

0mg + nic shot (included)