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Ino Coils

  • £6.00

The hollow wire from Inowire has hit big waves. A wire that heats up faster, cools down faster and requires less power than comparable stainless steel wires that are closed and not hollow.

Exactly these advantages make the Inowire Coil, which was developed in cooperation with Titanide, so interesting. The small custom coils are z. B. perfectly suited for MTL self-winding evaporators in which the deck offers little space for large coils. Thanks to the hollow wire, the coils respond very quickly and can therefore be operated at significantly lower wattages than comparable windings with 0.3 ohm resistance.

With just 2.5mm inside diameter, the coils really fit into any vaporizer. They are made of Inowire stainless steel hollow wire. With two 0.32 mm core wires and a sheath, also made of Inowire stainless steel hollow wire, in 0.13 mm.

1 pair of coils per tube