innokin plexar plex3d coil 0.14ohm replacement coil

Innokin Plexar PLEX3D Coil 0.14ohm

  • £3.00

Vapers know that coils are the source of great flavours and the Innokin engineering teams have created Plex3D next generation Mesh coil technology to deliver a truly superior vape experience! The secret of the Plex3D next generation mesh coils is in the advanced design and manufacturing process.

Plex3D 'Micro Grooves' are cut across a special Mesh design which increases the coil surface area for better flavours from all of your favourite e-liquids. With a highly optimised power flow and low thermal mass, Plex3D coils heat faster at lower wattages for longer lasting vaping. Traditional coils waste power and heat, upgrade your coils to Plex3D Next generation mesh coils and enjoy more puffs with less power.

The unique geometric design of the Plex3D coil creates a capillary action to draw liquids across the coils more quickly and evenly. Faster wicking mean better vaping and helps to eliminate dry hits. It's all about flavour! Plex3D coil wicking is a combination of organic cotton and wood pulp which delivers pure, delicious vape flavours.