Ice Cherry Gum Candy Nicotine Pouches

  • £4.99

Ice Cherry Gum Candy Nicotine Pouches provide a delicious and refreshing flavour experience that mixes the robust and juicy taste of ripe cherries with a cooling blast of menthol, all wrapped in the familiar sweetness of gum candy. This distinct flavour profile offers a perfect blend of fruity and minty undertones, resulting in an exhilarating and pleasant taste impression. You'll experience the original and bright flavour of cherry, enhanced by the cold coolness of menthol, suggestive of a chilly breeze, in each pouch. 


  • Sweets flavoured nicotine pouches
  • 16MG pouches 
  • Perfect option for those looking to quit smoking
  • Effective nicotine absorption
  • Tobacco-free, smoke-free and vapour-free
  • Suitable for all environments.