Dynavap - The "M" Plus

Dynavap - The "M" Plus

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The DynaVap “M” is our most popular battery-free dry herb vaporizer. Having no electronic parts and a stainless steel construction, this portable vaporizer gives you the freedom to use your device practically anywhere and anytime. The "M" provides a range of experiences from microdosing to complete extraction. Virtually any heat source can be used, but for optimum flavor, Butane torch or induction heater is recommended


The “M” Plus, like all DynaVap VapCaps is equipped with DynaVap’s patented temperature indicating cap.


The “M” Plus is modular and compatible with other DynaVap products and components.

The "M" Plus features:

  • Faster heat up time with a Finless Tip (less than 10 seconds)
  • Bigger Rips - The “M” Plus Tip chamber/bowl is 15% larger by volume compared to the previous "M" model
  • Capable of complete extractions of your herb in a single heat cycle
  • Airflow control made simple using the Square airport design and “Pivot” style rocker
  • Tapered mouthpiece fits snugly in 10mm female water piece openings
  • Captive Cap engineered to “click” when heated to the optimal vaporization temperature, offering an exceptional user-controlled session
  • Microdose ready with our “adjust-a-bowl” that reduces chamber/bowl size by half

The “M” Plus includes:

  • DynaVap’s Signature Captive Cap
  • Stainless Steel Tip: “M” Plus
    • Stainless Steel CCD (Screen)
    • High Temp O-Rings (2)
  • Stainless Steel Stem: “M” Plus (Standard)
  • Stainless Steel Condenser
    • Condenser O-Rings (2)



The DynaVap "M" Plus has several key differences from our original "M" portable dry herb vaporizer:

  • Faster heat up times: The "M" Plus features a redesigned tip with no fins and includes heat indication markers, resulting in faster heat-up times. Heat indication markers  make it easier to see when the vape pen has reached desired temperature.
  • Pack more material: The tip of the "M" Plus is 15% larger by volume compared to the previous "M" model, giving you more room to pack your favorite herb or concentrate. Get bigger hits and more vapor.
  • Square airport: The "M" Plus has a more pronounced square airport for easier airflow control.
  • Pivot-style rocker: The pivot-style rocker on the DynaVap "M" Plus is a manual airflow control mechanism. It is a small protruding piece of metal that can be moved up or down to adjust the airflow through the device. By pivoting the rocker up or down, you can control how much air enters the device, which can affect the temperature, density, and quality of the vapor produced. This allows for a more customized and enjoyable vaping experience.
  • Textured finish: The "M" Plus has an enhanced grip with a robust tactile, textured finish.