Disorder By Vape Distillery

  • £25.00

Bare Back - Blue Razz Banana Gummies

The Blue Raspberry gummy bears are alive and they're multiplying with Bananas. 

D.B.D - Caramel frappuccino

Death by Decaf. Triple shot Caffeine and A hint of gooey caramel making this Frappuccino awakening. 

Grape Bite - Grape and pineapple soda

Grape snake venom infused into a Pineapple soda to bring you a deadly flavour.

Nookie - Strawberry milk & cookies

We may have stolen A Cow, Fed it Strawberries and dipped some freshly baked Cookies in its Milk.

The Bomb - Cherry & Blackcurrant syrup

The big bang's got nothing on this explosion of Cherries and Blackcurrants.