humble pie danish custard 50ml short fill free nic shot

Danish Custard by Humble Pie

  • £15.00

Time for pudding. A little piece of your day set aside for a bit of indulgence and everyone has their favourite. We set out for a true 'naughty' dessert, something that if you ate the real thing you probably shouldn't do it too often. We started with a humble cinnamon danish - bringing baked sweet roll bread and then gave it a sugar cream glaze and an extra dusting of cinnamon spice. Finally, we went off the scale on the naughty-ometer and submerged the whole thing in thick, luxurious vanilla custard. Enjoy the real thing once in a blue moon, or vape the calorie free version all day? I think we rest our case.


Danish Custard is a short filled 60ml bottle with space to add your preferred number of nicotine shots. 



 Sweet baked bread


Cream glaze 

Vanilla custard 


50ml bottle (60ml w/ nic shot)

0mg + nic shot (included)