Daedalus Coil Jig motor combo
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Daedalus Coil Jig motor combo

  • £35.00

Daedalus Coil DIY Tool by Avidartisan is an automatic coil building tool that will save you time and wasted wire. The kit includes a Magic Clapton coil tool to build Clapton wire at 1×26 and 1×28 gauges. The operation of the device is simple: add your wire spool to the Smart coil jig and thread the coil through the hole. Then screw the damper spring and nut down onto the spool to ensure it unwinds at a constant speed; this is important to match the speed of the Daedalus as it spins. Once you have everything setup, simply switch the kit on and the rest is done for you: perfect Clapton coils made every time faster and cheaper than you can get them anywhere else.


Daedalus Coil DIY Tool Features and Specifications:

Automatic building of Clapton Wires in 26 or 28 gauge

Comes with swivel clamp for steady operation

2 18650 batteries means you can familiarly power the device

Speed Control switch allows for extra control and fine tuning


Box Contains

2 x Magic clapton coil tool (1×26 gauge and 1×28 gauge)

1 x Swivel coastlock

1 x Metal accessory

1 x Daedalus body

1 x Smart coil jig

1 x Tool clamp

2 x Screw nut

2 x Spring

1 x Manual