Horizontech falcon M1 0.15 coil mesh

3 Pack Falcon M1 0.15 Ohm Coil

  • £9.50


Compatible with the following Horizon tanks:

Falcon Steel

Falcon Steel Mini

Falcon Resin

Falcon Resin Mini

Falcon Resin Mini Artisan Edition

Wattage range up to 75W. The box comes with a scratch sticker so you can check the authenticity of this product.

Horizon Falcon coils in this series:

F1 0.2Ω Ohm - 70-90W (cotton and wood pulp)

F2 0.2Ω Ohm - 70-90W (flax fibre)

F3 0.2Ω Ohm - 60-80W (flax fibre and flax paper)

M1 0.15Ω Ohm - 60-80W (cotton and wood pulp, mesh coil)

M1+ 0.16Ω Ohm - 75W (bamboo fibre, mesh coil)

M2 0.16Ω Ohm - 70-80W (cotton and wood pulp, mesh coil)

M-Triple 0.15Ω - 80-85W (cotton and wood pulp, mesh coil)

M-Dual 0.38Ω - 80W (bamboo fibre, mesh coil)