The Juice Co

So one fine summer's afternoon in our London office, we all got chatting as we were tasting various flavours from our fellow competitors ..... mind you, we're always trying the latest flavours that dominate the market - we quickly realised we were bored with the usual stuff available in the UK vape scene. Very few e-liquid flavours hit the spot to give us a truly mind-blowing flavour experience.

We know how you all love and swear by your favourite range of e-liquids – I mean who wouldn’t! if it’s the perfect combo of delicious flavour  and cool branding.

We decided the time had come for us to create a fresh addition to our Phat family (I'm sure you all know the brand ) ….. and so .... The Juice Co. was born

The only way to fix the undesirable predicament facing our discerning palates was to break the rules. We said ‘F*CK IT’ lets restart, and began the journey to take The Juice Co. to new heights.

Now, we introduce you to the incredible New The Juice Co. - A grand compilation of cool, kick-ass brews with F*%KING unique branding to accompany it!

We spent a Invested a lot of time and effort  worked alongside the world’s finest mixologists, burned through coils and the midnight oil, tirelessly testing seriously hardcore flavor profiles.

The end result: Concoctions that are worth every moment of heavy flavoursome vapour hits.

THIS, my friend….is THE REAL DEAL!